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Paris Musées datasets


The Data&Musée project collects sets of data concerning Paris Museums.

This page gives a general description of this data, possibly with links to data access and a link to a more precise description page of the data.

Not all data is publicly available.

List of Paris Musées members and related data

FPM1: a list of museums in Paris Musées has been established. This is a JSON file that also contains the links to entities described in DBPedia, DBPedia-en, or Wikidata. It should be noted that some museums do not appear to be known from any of these three knowledge bases (these links were established semi-manually by an automatic search with human verification, then manually by the museums with no results).

File here:

Private link:

Guestbooks data

Electronic Guestbook data is available from 2016 (for partners). The 2019 data have not yet been observed.

For 2018, we have the following elements:

(1374-fr; 76-en)
(7114-fr; 817-en; 86-es)
avec origine géographique11734

Sample presentation: contributions per week

Private link:

See Données de Guestviews


Linked Open Data (LOD) and Paris Musées

See Données du LOD



As of 11/2/2019, a ticketing data file for the past week is uploaded each week on our NextCloud in the folder

/Sources/SourceParisMusees/Data Billetterie Paris Musees

There is one folder created at each upload, that contains a zip file of approximately 4 MB, representing approximately 50 MB when unzipped. The data is in csv format with separator ; and first line composed of column headers. The encoding is Unicode (UTF-8). A file has about 130000 lines.


Period23/01/2019 to 23/06/2019

Author: Moissinac

Maitre de conférence à Télécom Paris, Département Image, Données, Signal - Groupe Multimédia Jean-Claude Moissinac a mené des recherches sur les techniques avancées pour la production, le transport, la représentation et l’utilisation des documents multimédia. Ces travaux d'abord ont évolué vers la représentation sémantique de données liées au multimédia (process de traitement de médias, description d'adaptations de média, description formelle d'interactions utilisateurs). Aujourd'hui, les travaux portent sur la constitution de graphes de connaissances. Principaux axes de recherche actuel : représentations sémantiques de connaissances, constitution de graphes de connaissances, techniques d'apprentissage automatique sur ces graphes

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